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Conventional Loans versus FHA Loans

Conventional vs FHA Loans_Montana Home Mortgage Loan Officer

Whether you’re considering refinancing your existing home or purchasing a new one, comparing loans side by side can help you weigh your choices. Learn more about conventional verses FHA home loans.

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5 Tax Benefits of Buying A Home

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership_Montana Home Mortgage Loan Officer

The tax benefits of buying a home are one of the many advantages of homeownership vs. renting. This guide breaks down what is tax-deductible when you own a home.

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How Soon Can You Refinance A Mortgage?

How soon can I refinance_Montana Home Mortgage Loan Officer

While there are many great reasons to take out a new home loan, there is such a thing as refinancing too soon. To find out if the timing is right to refinance, first, calculate closing costs and fees and how much it can change your payment.

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